Property Matrix

Tool for viewing and editing multiple properties of multiple Actors at the same time.

The Property Matrix tool is used to compare and bulk-edit values for multiple objects. With this tool, you can:

  • View specific properties for a large number of objects in a customizable table view.

  • Edit different types of objects at the same time.

  • Identify objects with incorrect settings.

  • Work with properties of Arrays and Struct types.

Accessing the Property Matrix

There are two ways to access the Property Matrix:

  • From the Details panel.

  • From the Content Browser.

From the Details Panel

  1. In the Level Viewport, select one or more Actors.

  2. In the Details panel, click the Open Selection in Property Matrix button, which is on the left of the Search bar.

From the Content Browser

  1. In the Content Browser, select one or more Assets.

  2. Right-click the selected Assets and, from the context menu, select Asset Actions > Bulk Edit via Property Matrix.

Property Matrix Window

The Property Matrix window is divided into three major areas:




Each row represents an object, identified by its Name in the first column. The rest of the columns display some of the object's properties. To learn how to add or remove columns, see the Customizing Property Matrix Column section on this page.


Shows a list of all available properties and their values. You can also use this panel to edit properties.

Property Editor

Shows a list of editable properties shared by all selected objects.

Customizing Property Matrix Columns

The Property Matrix displays data in a complex table layout, with columns that change based on the type of objects you selected. Unreal Engine attempts to automatically populate the table with useful columns, but you can also customize the columns that display.

To add or remove columns, pin or unpin properties in the Display panel by clicking the Pin button (1) next to the properties you want to display.

Each column has a drop-down menu (2) that appears when you hover the column header. Use this menu to remove a column or to remove all other columns except for the current one. You can also remove a column by middle-clicking its header.

Click a column header to sort the table based on that property.

Editing Properties

You can edit properties individually or in bulk, and you can edit the same property for multiple objects regardless of object types.

To edit a property for a single object:

  1. Click a cell to select it.

  2. If the cell contains text, double-click the cell to edit the text. Otherwise, interact with the cell control as you normally would (for example, enable or disable a checkbox, or select a value from a drop-down menu).

  3. (Optional) To preserve your changes, click the Save button in the lower-right corner of the Property Matrix window.

Unsaved objects will have a gray asterisk (*) next to their name.

To edit a property for multiple objects:

  1. Select the objects whose properties you want to edit.

To select one row, click anywhere in that row. To select multiple rows, use Shift + Click for a continuous selection between two rows, or Ctrl + Click to select individual rows.

  1. Find and edit the property you want to edit in the Property Editor.

  2. (Optional) To preserve your changes, click the Save button in the lower-right corner of the Property Matrix window.

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