Setting Up the ChunkDownloader Plugin

How to set up a Project Settings and Plugins for working with ChunkDownloader

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The ChunkDownloader patching system is a built-in plugin for Unreal Engine that provides patching functionality. This page shows how to set up Project Settings and Plugins of your Unreal Engine project for using ChunkDowloader.

This example uses C++ project based on Blank template. This project has name PatchingDemo.

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This example uses C++ project based on Blank template. The project has name PatchingDemo.


  1. Open your Project Settings, navigate to Project > Packaging, then make sure that Use Pak File and Generate Chunks are both enabled.


  2. Open the Plugins window and enable the Chunk Downloader plugin. Restart the Unreal Editor for your changes to take effect.


  3. Open your project's [ProjectName]Build.cs file in Visual Studio. This file locates under [ProjectName]/Source/[ProjectName].


  4. Edit file by adding ChunkDownloader to your ModuleRules as PrivateDependencyModuleNames. For this add the following section to the ModuleRules in the file.

    PrivateDependencyModuleNames.AddRange(new string[] { "ChunkDownloader" } );
  5. Save your changes to this file.

  6. Right-click on your [ProjectName].uproject file and click Generate Visual Studio project files.


  7. Return to your project's solution in Visual Studio, then Build the project.


Final Result

Now, ChunkDownloader is available to use in your project. You can proceed with implementing this in your game's code to download and mount packaging files (see Preparing Assets for Chunking).