Unreal Cooking Insights

An overview of profiling your package data using Unreal Cooking Insights

Unreal Cooking Insights provides you with the ability to gather and display information about the way packages are cooked in your project. Large cooking times can significantly affect the productivity of teams that are working on larger projects. By showing the times it takes to cook each package, this tool can help reduce cooking times.


You can run a trace for cooking insights from the command line by using the command:


Alternatively, you can run the following command to target a specific host and platform:

    MyProject -run=cook -log -trace=default,cook -tracehost=localhost -targetplatform=Windows

When loading a trace that contains cook data, the Packages table will be populated with the load time, save time, and cooking time for each package when the analysis is complete.

Hierarchy Sorting

When selecting the Hierarchy filter, you can choose from the following Grouping options.


Hierarchy Grouping Option


Flat (All)

Creates a single group that includes all items.

Unique Values - Asset Class

Creates a group for each unique value.

Path Breakdown - Package Name

Creates a tree hierarchy out of the path structure of string values.

Preset Options

When observing your package data, you can navigate to Preset to configure your tree view.


You can choose from the following Presets:

Preset Option



Shows the default packages info.

Package Path

Groups packages by the package path.

Asset Class

Groups packages by their most important Assets.

Column Sorting

Cooking Insights groups specific package data in the following columns.

Column Name



Hierarchy of the package's tree.


The Id of the package.


The amount of time it took to load the package.


The amount of time it took to save the package.


The total time spent in the BeginCacheForCookedPlatformData function for the package.


The total time spent in the IsCachedCookedPlatformDataLoaded function for the package.

Asset Class

The class of the most significant Asset in the package.

You can sort columns into the following sorting categories.

Sorting Option


Sort Ascending

Sort your chosen column in ascending order.

Sort Descending

Sort your chosen column in descending order.

Sort By

Sort your column by the following values:

  • Package Hierarchy

  • Id

  • LoadTime

  • SaveTime

  • BeginCache

  • IsCachedCooked

  • AssetClass

You can also customize the table by showing and hiding columns individually by using the following options.

Column Visibility


View Column

Hides or shows columns.

Show All Columns

Resets the tree view to show all columns.

Reset Columns to Default

Resets columns to default.

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