XR Development

Develop for augmented reality, virtual reality, and mixed reality devices in Unreal Engine.

XR refers to the collection of the following experiences:

  • Augmented reality: Where sensory information overlays the user's view of the real world through a handheld or wearable device.

  • Virtual reality: Where a virtual environment replaces the user's view through a wearable device.

  • Mixed reality: Where an experience is a blend between augmented reality and virtual reality.

Unreal Engine supports both developing for XR platforms and using XR devices in your content creation pipeline. The sections below contain links to documentation on how you can work with XR devices in your projects.

Developing for Head-Mounted XR Experiences with OpenXR

OpenXR is a royalty-free, open standard that provides high-performance access to XR platforms and devices. With OpenXR, you can create an immersive experience in Unreal Engine that can run on any system that supports the OpenXR APIs. Currently, OpenXR in Unreal Engine only supports head-mounted devices.

This section describes how OpenXR works in Unreal Engine.

Developing for Handheld Augmented Reality Experiences

Handheld AR experiences are fundamentally different from head-mounted XR experiences. This section explains how to get started with handheld AR and how to use the unique features included on these platforms.

Getting Started with XR

This section explains the basics of creating XR applications in Unreal Engine.

Making Interactive XR Experiences

There are many different kinds of input for XR, such as hand tracking, motion controllers, and eye tracking. This section describes how to add input to your XR applications in Unreal Engine.

Creating UI for XR Experiences

For XR experiences, the user interface (UI) must be 3D so you can interact with it in the virtual environment. This section guides you through how to create UI for XR applications in Unreal Engine.

Shared Experiences in XR

This section describes how to create content that can be shared across multiple XR devices.

Supported XR Platforms in Unreal Engine

This page provides information on the XR platforms and devices supported in Unreal Engine and how to set them up.

Performance and Profiling with XR

This section guides you through how to profile your XR applications and what to consider when you need to improve performance.

Using XR for Content Creation

Unreal Engine also supports using XR in your content creation pipeline, such as building environments in virtual reality and streaming tracking data from devices into the engine for animation. These pages show how to use your XR devices with Unreal Engine for more than developing on them.

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