Pixel Streaming

Run your Unreal Engine application on a server in the cloud, and stream its rendered frames and audio to browsers and mobile devices over WebRTC.

Google has informed developers of a vulnerability in versions (earlier than M102) of WebRTC. Impacts, workarounds, and updates can be found here.

With Pixel Streaming, you can run a packaged Unreal Engine application on a desktop PC or a server in the cloud, along with a small stack of web services that are included with the Unreal Engine. People connect using any modern web browser on their platform of choice, whether using a desktop machine or a mobile device, and stream the rendered frames and audio from the Unreal Engine application. Users do not need to install or download anything. It's just like streaming a video using an online streaming service, except that users can also interact with the application using keyboard, mouse, touch input, and even custom HTML5 UI that you create in your player web page.

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