Rendering to Multiple Displays with nDisplay

nDisplay renders your Unreal Engine scene on multiple synchronized display devices.

Interactive content isn't limited to being displayed on a single screen, or even a single dual-screen device like a VR headset. An increasing number of visualization systems aim to immerse the viewer more effectively in the game environment by rendering real-time content through multiple simultaneous displays. These systems may be made up of multiple adjacent physical screens, such as a Powerwall display; or they may use multiple projectors to project the 3D environment onto physical surfaces like domes, tilted walls, or curved screens, such as in a Cave virtual environment.

The Unreal Engine supports these usage scenarios through a system called nDisplay. This system addresses some of the most important challenges in rendering 3D content simultaneously to multiple displays:

  • It eases the process of deploying and launching multiple instances of your Project across different computers in the network, each rendering to one or more display devices.

  • It manages all the calculations involved in computing the viewing frustum for each screen at every frame, based on the spatial layout of your display hardware.

  • It ensures that the content being shown on the various screens remains exactly in sync, with deterministic content across all instances of the Engine.

  • It offers passive and active stereoscopic rendering.

  • It can be driven by input from VR tracking systems, so that the viewpoint in the displays accurately follows the point of view of a moving viewer in real life.

  • It is flexible enough to support any number of screens in any relative orientation, and can be easily reused across any number of Projects.

For additional background information about nDisplay, a more in-depth look at the real-life applications and display systems it was designed to support, and the future vision for the technology, download the white paper here.

nDisplay was an integral part of the visuals for Childish Gambino's award-winning 2018 Pharos show. See the project spotlight video below!

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