Niagara Tutorials

A collection of tutorials for creating projects with the Niagara visual effects system.

The Niagara Tutorials pages provide step-by-step examples on how to work with the Niagara Editor to create visual effects inside Unreal Engine 5.

Whether you want to learn how to create simple ambient effects for the environment, or setup up complex particle interactions, these pages will guide you each step of the way. Reference links are also included to provide more detailed documentation of the systems and content being outlined in each guide. Click the links to visit each page.


Niagara comes installed and enabled by default in Unreal Engine 5. If you are not seeing the Niagara options, learn how to manually enable the Niagara plugin.

Level 1 Tutorials - Beginner

Start here to follow step-by-step tutorials of the basics of Niagara. Create Niagara systems to do simple environment effects like smoke.

Level 2 Tutorials - Intermediate

Once you are familiar with the basics, these tutorials go a bit further. Learn how to use more than one emitter in a Niagara System.

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