Use the golden spiral method to generate evenly spaced points on a cylinder.








#include "Chaos/Cylinder.h"


static void ComputeGoldenSpiralPoints
    TArray < TVector < T, 3 >> & Points,
    const TVector < T, 3 > & Origin,
    const TVector < T, 3 > & Axis,
    const T Radius,
    const T Height,
    const int32 NumPoints,
    const bool IncludeEndCaps,
    int32 SpiralSeed


Use the golden spiral method to generate evenly spaced points on a cylinder.

The "golden" part is derived from the golden ratio; stand at the center, turn a golden ratio of whole turns, then emit a point in that direction.

Points are generated starting from the bottom of the cylinder, ending at the top. Contiguous entries in `Points_ generally will not be spatially adjacent.

Points_ to append to. Origin is the bottom-most point of the cylinder. `Axis is the orientation of the cylinder. Radius_ is the radius of the cylinder. Height is the height of the cylinder. `NumPoints is the number of points to generate. IncludeEndCaps_ determines whether or not points are generated on the end caps of the cylinder. SpiralSeed is the starting index for golden spiral generation. When using this method to continue a spiral started elsewhere, `SpiralSeed should equal the number of particles already created.

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