Hand IK Retargeting

Describes the Hand IK Retargeting control which can be used to handle retargeting of IK bones.


The Hand IK Retargeting control is a solver that can be used to handle retargeting of IK bone chains. The solver moves an IK bone chain to meet FK hand bones, based on the Hand FKWeight value (to favor either side). For example, 0 would favor the left hand, 1 would favor the right hand and 0.5 would be equal weight.


Below, Hand IK Retargeting and Two Bone IK�controls are used to affect how a character holds a weapon.

While the Two Bone IK nodes drive the position of the left and right hands, the�Hand FKWeight�property (driven by the variable�Hand Favoring) determines which hand to favor while holding the weapon. Above, we slowed the animation down to illustrate how the weapon shifts in the character's hands based on the weight value provided.

The AnimGraph node network is shown below which you can copy and paste into your own Animation Blueprint.�

Based on your own setup, you may need to assign different joints and (or) animations.

Copy Node Graph

Hand IK Properties

The following properties are available within the Details panel for the Hand IK node:



Hand IKRetargeting

Right Hand FK

The Bone for Right Hand FK

Left Hand FK

The Bone for Left Hand FK

Right Hand IK

The Bone for Right Hand IK

Left Hand IK

The Bone for Left Hand IK

IKBones to Move

The IK Bones affected

Hand IK Pins

The following pins are exposed by default on the Hand IK node:�



Input Pins

Hand FKWeight

Which hand to favor. 0.5 is equal weight for both, 1 = right hand, 0 = left hand.

Component Pose

The incoming pose.


The current strength of the control.

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