Modify Curve

Describes the Modify Curve node which can be used to modify animation curves with arbitrary logic inside Animation Graphs.


The Modify Curve control can be used to expose Animation Curve data which can be modified using arbitrary logic to enable dynamically-driven animations.


Below, the Modify Curve node is used to drive a curve we created called Eye Glow Intensity where the bear's eyes pulsate and glow over time.

To add this node to the AnimGraph of your Animation Blueprints:

  1. Right-click in the AnimGraph and search for and add the Modify Curve node

  2. Once added, right-click on the node and select Add Curve Pin and any associated curves you wish to modify.


With the exposed float pin, you can define any logic you wish to drive the value (the logic below uses the Sin of Time multiplied by a coeffiect value to drive the Eye Glow Intensity property).


To remove pins from the Modify Curve node:

  • Right-click on the node again and select Remove Curve Pin or right-click on the pin itself and select Remove This Curve Pin.


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