Trail Controller

Describes how the Trail Controller node can be used affect a chain of bones.


The Trail Controller can be used to affect a series of bones in a hierarchy.





Trail Bone

Reference to the active bone in the hierarchy to modify.

Chain Length

Number of bones above the active one in the hierarcy to modify. Chain Length should be at least 2.

Chain Bone Axis

Axis of the Bones to point along trail.

Invert Chain Bone Axis

Whether or not to invert the direction specified in Chain Bone Axis.

Trail Relaxation Speed

How quickly we "relax" the bones to their animated positions. Time 0 will map to top root joint, time 1 will map to the bottom joint.


Limit Stretch

Limit the amount that a bone can stretch from its ref-pose length.

Stretch Limit

If Limit Stretch is true, this indicates how long a bone can stretch beyond its length in the ref-pose.


Fake Velocity

The "fake" velocity applied to bones.

Actor Space Fake Vel

If "fake" velocity should be applied in Actor or World Space.

Base Joint

Base Joint to calculate velocity from. If none, it will use Component's World Transform.



Input Pins

Component Pose

The incoming pose.


The current strength of the control.

Trail Controller nodes are also affected by the LOD Threshold system introduced in 4.11. You can find the setting for this in the Details Panel for the Trail Controller node.




LOD Threshold

This is the max Level of Detail (LOD) that this node is permitted to run on. For example: if you have LOD Threshold set to 2, it will run until LOD 2, but disable itself once the component's LOD becomes 3.

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