Transform Bone

Describes the Transform Modify Bone control which can be used to modify the transform of a specified bone.


The Transform (Modify) Bone control can be used to modify the transform of a specified bone.


Below we use two Transform Modify Bone controllers to affect the Spine and Neck of our character.

We can use variables to drive the changes in Translation, Rotation or Scale on the Transform Modify Bone to affect our character. In the video above, the Rotation Value variable drives the rotation of the MF_Spine_01 and b_MF_Neck Bones in our character. The scale of our character is also driven by a float variable (Scale Multiplier) which affects the spine of our character, increase/decreases the size of the bone and scaling our character.



Skeletal Control

Bone To Modify

Name of the target bone to modify the Transform of.



Input Pins


A Vector specifying the Translation to apply to the target bone.


A Rotator specifying the Rotation to apply to the target bone.


A Vector specifying the Scale to apply to the target bone.

Transform (Modify) Bone nodes are also affected by the LOD Threshold system introduced in 4.11. You can find the setting for this in the Details Panel for the Transform (Modify) Bone node.




LOD Threshold

This is the max Level of Detail (LOD) that this node is permitted to run on. For example: if you have LOD Threshold set to 2, it will run until LOD 2, but disable itself once the component's LOD becomes 3.

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