Animation Fast Path Optimization

Optimizations that can be applied to the structure of animation graphs to gain performance


Animation Blueprints are very flexible ways of building animation systems. However the performance overheads associated with running Blueprint-based logic can become quite high as your graph becomes more complex. To mitigate these overheads certain methods of structuring your animation graph can be used.

Access Member Variables Directly


Access Negated Boolean Member Variables


Access Members of a Nested Struct


Access Members Using "Break Struct" Nodes


Note that some "Break Struct" nodes, like "Break Transform" will not currently use the fast path as they perform conversions internally rather than simply copying data.

Auditing and Maintaining Optimized Animation Blueprints


Once an Animation Blueprint has been configured in an optimal way, subsequent iterations can potentially introduce new, non-performant constructs. To keep track of this you can enable the "Warn About Blueprint Usage" option in the Animation Blueprint's Class Defaults. This is also useful when optimizing a particular Animation Blueprint.

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