AI Components

Components related to AI used for AI Perception and Pawn Sensing are described.


AI Components are a type of component that enable Pawns receive sensory like data from the environment, such as where noises are coming from or if the Pawn can see something.

AI Perception Component

The AIPerceptionComponent is used to register as stimuli listener in the AIPerceptionSystem and gathers registered stimuli. UpdatePerception is called when component gets new stimuli (batched).

Pawn Noise Emitter Component

A PawnNoiseEmitterComponent tracks noise event data used by SensingComponents to hear a Pawn. This component is intended to exist on either a Pawn or its Controller. It does nothing on network clients.

Pawn Sensing Component

The Pawn SensingComponent encapsulates sensory (i.e. sight and hearing) settings and functionality for an Actor, allowing the Actor to see/hear Pawns in the world. It does nothing on network clients.

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