Working with Unreal Projects

Overview of projects in Unreal Engine and instructions for working with them.


A project is a self-contained unit that holds all the content and code that you create in Unreal Engine (UE4) for your product�whether that is a game, an architectural visualization, an automotive design, a virtual production environment, or a VR experience. The project coincides with a set of directories on your disk that contain your code and other content. For example, in the image below the Hierarchy Tree of the Content Browser contains the same directory structure found inside the project folder on your disk.

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Although a project is often referenced by the .uproject file associated with it, they are two separate files that exist alongside each other. The .uproject is a reference file used to create, open, or save a file; the project contains all of the files and folders associated with it.

You can create any number of different projects, all of which can be maintained and developed in parallel. Both the Unreal Engine (and Unreal Editor) can easily switch between them. This allows you to work on multiple projects at once, or have several test projects in addition to your main project.

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