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The Global Asset Picker allows you to quickly find assets from any folder in the Asset Tree.

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The Global Asset Picker (Ctrl-P) is a fast-access means of editing assets or bringing them into your levels. In some ways, it is similar to the Content Browser but without limiting itself to the current folder you have selected in the Asset Tree. So not only can you pull assets specific to your game, but also anything from Engine, like lights or sound emitters. Because it offers all available assets in a list format, it is not intended to be used as means for browsing. Instead, it is perfect for those moments when you know the asset (or asset type) you need and just want to quickly type part of its name into the Search Line.


While mousing over any asset, all of its relevant data will appear as a tool tip at the bottom of the window.

View Options at the bottom of the window is exactly the same as the one on the Content Browser, allowing you to change the way it displays and scales the assets. The thumbnail editor does not work in this window.

Currently, you cannot pull up the Right-Click Menu on anything in here, but you can Click and Drag things into your scene or you can double-click assets to bring up their associated editors.

The Global Asset Picker window is not movable or resizable, it will close as soon as you click off of it, drag an asset into the scene, or double-click to edit an asset.


Viewing the Global Asset Picker is as easy hitting Ctrl + P then searching for the asset you want.

Then you can either Click and Drag something into your scene or you can double-click an asset to bring up its associated editor.

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