15. Next Steps

Step 15. Next Steps

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There's so much more you can do to this simple tree, why don't you give some of these ideas a try?

  • Using a Dot Product node, make it so the AI Character only chases the player when they are in front of the AI. Bonus: Instead of using the AI Character's rotation as part of the Dot Product, use the rotation of the Head Joint. Double Bonus: In the Animation Blueprint add functionality to control the rotation of the head joint, then create a service that has the AI look around.

  • Add attack functionality to the AI Characters and their Behavior Tree.

  • Instead of storing the last known location of the player, store the last 3-5 known locations, then when the player character can no longer be seen, calculate the most likely vector they may have gone, and move along it for a time.

  • They currently just stand their ground when not chasing the character, make it so they move around a bit near their Home Location.

  • Create a patrol point Actor, and make the AI move randomly between them. Bonus: Have the patrol points store a linking patrol point so they will move in a pattern Double Bonus: Have the patrol points store a number of acceptable linking points, then have the AI choose between them. * **Super Bonus**: Use **Environment Query System** to choose the best point for them to patrol.

  • Integrate the Environment Query System into the Behavior tree to choose places to stand or mull around.

  • Change the move speed of the AI Character to a walk when they are patrolling, but make them run when they are chasing the player.


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