3. Create Nav Mesh Volume

Create a Nav Mesh Volume so our AI can walk around.


The NavMesh in Unreal has a number of functions that work well with Behavior Trees, and while it may not be necessary depending on the game you are making, it will help in a number of game types. Also, the Top Down template already includes a Nav Mesh Bounds Volume, but you may choose to start in a completely blank project at a later date.


  1. Modes panel > Volumes > Volumes.

  2. Click and drag a Nav Mesh Bounds Volume into the map.


  3. Translate and Scale the volume so it encapsulates the areas you want your characters to be able to navigate.

    • You can use more than one Volume if you like, or one large one that encapsulates the entire level.

  4. While working in the Viewport, press the P key to see if your NavMesh is building.


    If you see a green mesh overlay on your floors, it is building correctly. When the mesh turns red, it means it is recalculating a section because you either moved the volume or the mesh inside of it.

    You can press the P key at any time to show or hide the NavMesh.

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