Actors and Geometry

An Actor is any object that can be placed into a level. Actors are a generic Class that support 3D transformations such as translation, rotation, and scale. Actors can be created (spawned) and destroyed through gameplay code (C++ or Blueprints). In C++, AActor is the base class of all Actors.

There are several different types of Actors, some examples include: StaticMeshActor, CameraActor, and PlayerStartActor.

No matter the type of Actor you are using in your level - be it a light, a Static Mesh, a Particle System Emitter Actor, or anything else - you will need to know a few basics on how to create and manipulate them in your scenes.

This involves a few integral tasks: placing Actors, selecting Actors, positioning Actors, and modifying Actors. In other words, to create a level, Actors will be placed into a map, moved around to create an environment, and their properties will be modified to cause them to look or behave appropriately.

Working with Actors

Actor Types