2 - Creating the Aim Offset

In this step, we take each of our aim poses and create our Aim Offset which will blend between each of the poses.

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In this step, we take each of our aim poses and create our Aim Offset which will blend between each of the poses.


  1. In the Content/AnimStarterPack/UE4_Mannequin/Mesh folder, Right-click on the UE4_Mannequin and select Create Aim Offset.


    This will create the Aim Offset asset based on this Skeleton.

  2. In the Aim Offset window (center window), under Parameters, enter the parameters shown below.


    Set the X Axis Label to Yaw and Y Axis Label to Pitch, then set both Axis Ranges to -90 to 90 and click Apply Parameter Changes.

    Aim Offsets work very similar to Blend Spaces and will allow us to blend between our poses based on our parameters.

  3. In the Asset Browser, search for Aim, then drag the Aim_Center animation onto the graph in the center position as shown below.


  4. Drag the Aim_Center_Up to position 1 and Aim_Center_Down to position 2 as shown below.


    Optionally, you can turn off the tooltip in the grid by unchecking the Enable Tooltip Display option.

  5. Drag the Aim_Left_Center to position 1 and Aim_Right_Center to position 2 as shown below.


  6. Add the Aim_Left_Up (1), Aim_Right_Up (2), Aim_Left_Down (3) and Aim_Right_Down (4) poses to finish the Aim Offset.


  7. In the Asset Details panel, set the Preview Base Pose option under Additive Settings to Idle_Rifle_Hip.


    You can preview the blending of poses by moving your mouse within the grid, the viewport mesh will update its pose based on your mouse position.

The Aim Offset is now setup, in the next step we will hook it up for use within our Animation Blueprint so that gameplay can drive the blending.

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