Anim Notifies Window

User guide for the Animation Notifies window inside the Skeleton Editor.


Animation Notifies Window

The Anim Notifies window available inside the Skeleton Editor displays all the custom Animation Notifies for the currently selected Skeleton asset. The Anim Notifies window is best thought of as an Animation Notifies manager as you can see all the currently assigned custom notifies and which animation the notify is associated with, as well as delete or rename a notify, however you cannot create new notifies from this window as that is done inside the Animation Asset Editor of the animation asset itself.

Viewing the Animation Notifies Window

To view the Animation Notifies window, open a Skeleton asset from the Content Browser:


The Animation Notifies window will be located in the lower-right portion of the Skeleton Editor:

Click image for full view.

If the Animation Notifies window is not present or it has been closed, you can re-open it from the Main Toolbar option:


Renaming/Deleting Notifies

To Rename or Delete a notifiy, Right-click on the notify in the Animation Notifies window:


Skeleton Notify Window

When selecting a notify in the Animation Notifies window, the Skeleton Notify window will become populated:


This window will display the name of the notify and the animation it currently resides in.

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