Persona Explorer

User guide for the Explorer panel in the Persona animation editor.



The Explorer panel displays a tree list of the graphs, functions, state machines, etc. contained within the Animation Blueprint. This is essentially an outline of the Animation Blueprint that lets you easily view existing elements of the Animation Blueprint.

Explorer Tree Depth

A series of buttons at the top of the Explorer Panel lets you select how much information you want to display in the explorer.

Explorer Depth Buttons

You can choose from Graphs, Events, Nodes, and Pins. The deeper you go, the more stuff you will see in the tree.




Only graphs and other top-level objects will be displayed.


All top level objects as well as all the events contained within those will be listed.


Top level objects, events, and every node is shown.


Everything down to the pin level, including color-coded icons, and (soon) their values, will be displayed.

Searching in the Explorer

The Explorer panel contains a text box used for searching the graphs belonging to the Animation Blueprint. This works the same way as the contextual action menu that you use for adding new nodes, but is limited to searching items found within the explorer. You can search based on name, comment, and other data.
So, if you know you have a node that is SetActorHidden, you can type that in the box, and the explorer will show you all the SetActorHidden nodes in your graph.

Explorer Search - Names

You can also search on more things, like searching bool to see all pins that deal with Boolean values. Or, search for 123 to find all pins that have their default values set to 123, and so on.

Explorer Search - Type

Tip: By default, Ctrl + F will jump directly to the search box so you can start typing. This can be modified in the Key Bindings .

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