Animation Sequence User Guide

Guide to placing and sampling AnimationSequences in AnimBlueprints


Playback of Animation Sequences can be performed through code, but is generally handled within an instance of an Animation Blueprint applied to a Skeletal Mesh Component. All of the Animation Sequences for the Skeleton the Animation Blueprint was created from are available to be sampled within the AnimGraph. These can be placed as sequence player nodes whose output is a pose generated by sampling the Animation Sequences.

To place a sequence player:

  1. Right-click in the AnimGraph of your Animation Blueprint and expand the Animations category.

    Using Animation Sequences - List

  2. Select the Animation Sequence to be sampled from the list. A node is placed in the graph for the sequence.

    Using Animation Sequences - Node

  3. The pose output of the new node can be connected to a corresponding pose input on any animation node to sample the animation.

    Using Animation Sequences - Sample

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