4. Create Your Starting Point

Your launchpad will launch the Character when you overlap it, so start with creating a Begin Overlap node.


To start adding behavior to your Blueprint Class, you will need to open it in the Blueprint Editor.

  1. Double-click the Blueprint Class in the Content Browser.

  2. The Blueprint Editor will open, and you can see your Cube and Box components in a viewport.

    At this point, if you adjust the Box Component's placement, it will be applied to all launchpads you make from this Blueprint Class. Just like when you were working with components on your LaunchPad Actor, you can select the Box component in the Components list and adjust the location. Try a Location of (0.0, 0.0, 50.0).


  3. Docked next to the Viewport tab is a Construction Script tab and an Event Graph tab. Since you are going to be creating gameplay behavior, you should start with the Event Graph. Click on that tab now.


    Events are the starting point of your Blueprint graph's execution, and can be associated with a number of different gameplay situations. A selection of the most commonly used events are visible right away, seen as translucent Event nodes. Though certainly useful for many of your Blueprint graphs, we will be making one of our very own.

  4. We want an event that will execute when anything overlaps our Box component. First, select the Box component in the Components tab.

  5. Right-click in an empty spot in your graph to bring up the context menu of nodes you could add to the graph.

    To move around in the graph, Right-click and drag around. At this point, you could drag the graph to the left, moving the pre-placed event nodes off the left side of the screen and creating more blank space to create your launchpad logic in.


  6. We are adding an event for this Component, so expand the Add Event for Box dropdown, and then Collision. You could also use the search box, using "Component Begin Overlap" to filter the menu.

  7. Select On Component Begin Overlap.


Your graph now has an OnComponentBeginOverlap node. Any nodes connected to this event will execute when something overlaps the Box component of your launchpad.


In the next step of this Quick Start, you will begin connecting nodes to the output pins of this node, and learn more about working with nodes in Blueprints.

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