Blueprint Set Nodes

An overview of the node interface when working with Blueprint Sets.

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A Set's node interface provides the following functionality for developers working in Blueprints: adding items to a Set, removing items from a Set, clearing Sets, looking up items contained in a Set, and checking a Set's length. The following guide provides additional information about the various nodes that make-up Blueprint Sets in Unreal Engine 4 (UE4).




Adds an item to a Set.

Add Items

Adds items from a specified Array to a Set.


Clears all items from a Set.

Contains Item

Checks to see if a Set contains an item.


Takes the relative difference of two Sets, assigning the difference to a resultant Set.


Takes the intersection of two Sets, assigning the intersection to a resultant Set.


Gets the number of items (length) in a Set.


Removes an item from a Set.

Remove Items

Removes items specified in an Array from a Set.

To Array

Copies a Set into an Array.


Performs a union of two Sets, assigning the union to a resultant Set.

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