Learn to use this Early Access feature, but use caution when shipping with it.
This feature is Early Access.
Features available in Early Access give you the opportunity to learn how they work, plan your pipeline, and create test content. You should use caution when using these features in production, as we are still working to get to shipping-quality performance, stability, and platform support. We support backward compatibility for assets, and the APIs for these features are stable.

Real-Time Compositing with Composure


In Composure, a graphics utility plugin available with Unreal Engine, we’ve added a new set of tools to make compositing a lot easier.

Compositing is the act of combining visual elements from different sources into a single image. In the visual effects industry, compositing a single frame is usually an offline process and can take some time. With compositing built into the engine, users can easily visualize green-screened scenes combined with CG in real-time. This is especially helpful for previsualization, which enables directors to get a sense of what the final scene will look like, or for offline compositors to use as a guide. Compositing will run both in-editor and in-game.

Getting Started