Learn to use this Early Access feature, but use caution when shipping with it.
This feature is Early Access.
Features available in Early Access give you the opportunity to learn how they work, plan your pipeline, and create test content. You should use caution when using these features in production, as we are still working to get to shipping-quality performance, stability, and platform support. We support backward compatibility for assets, and the APIs for these features are stable.

Compositing Elements Reference

Elements are the individual building blocks used to construct a composite. Each Element represents either a layer of a comp, or the comp itself. They are level actors individually responsible for rendering a piece of the composited scene.


There are many different Element types. All of which, you can configure and change. Elements are Blueprintable, and you can create your own custom Elements inheriting from by ACompositingElement (or its sub-classes).

Basic Compositing Elements

Empty Comp Shot

This acts as the starting point for most comps. It doesn’t contain any Passes, and requires the user to fill it out.


Media Plate Element

This preset Element comes with all the Passes needed to pipe a video into the compositing system, and apply Chroma Keying on top of it.



CG Layer Element

This preset Element is responsible for rendering actor objects from the virtual scene. Use the Capture Actors property to specify which actors you want to include/exclude.



CG Matte Element

This Element is like a plain CG Layer Element, but it renders the CG objects into a black/white mask texture. This is helpful for garbage matting, or setting up a holdout mask to be used with a keyer.




Change the Element’s Matte Type property to invert the mask.

Texture Element

This Element is a utility Element for introducing an external texture into the compositing system.


Advanced Element Types

The Advanced Elements are available via the All Classes toggle in the New Element dialog. These additional Elements were created via Blueprints, and can be modified to suit specific use cases.
For the Advanced Elements to be listed, your first have to load their respective Blueprints. You can find the Advanced Element Blueprints in the content browser under the Composure Plugin's Blueprints/CompositingElements folder (make sure your content browser is set to view Engine and Plugin content).

Depth Element

The Depth Element is similar to the CG Layer element, but produces an image which expresses the depth of the included actors.



Radial Element



Ramp Element



Roto Paint Element