Migrating Assets

The Content Browser contains the Migrate Tool, which allows assets to be copied from one project to another, along with any dependent assets. For instance, you can migrate a Material, and any Texture assets that define that Material will automatically be copied along with it. This is useful when you need to merge or fork projects, or when transitioning from a test environment into a production project.


To use the Migrate Tool:

  1. Select the assets you wish to migrate in the Content Browser.

  2. Right-click on any of the selected assets and choose Asset Actions then Migrate from the context menu.

  3. The Asset Report dialog appears, showing all the assets and dependencies that will be migrated. Confirm and click Ok.

  4. Choose the appropriate content folder from another Unreal Engine project. This is the target location for the migration.

  5. If the migration is successful, you will see a confirmation message stating which assets were copied into the target folder.

If you attempt to migrate into anything other than a game content folder, you may receive the following message:

In this case, confirm the location and either click Yes or No.