Visual Dataprep Quick Start

Experience the Visual Dataprep workflow in Unreal Engine.

Prerequisite Topics

This page assumes you have prior knowledge of the following topics. Please read them before proceeding.

[R] ADD Hero Image or Video

The Hero image or video should show the user what they will create during the activity.

[R] ADD Overview Text

The Overview text should describe what the user will create during the activity.

[R] ADD Steps

Steps should be shown, listing the pages that make up the Quick Start guide, using a Directory List.

Building Dataprep Steps out of Selections and Operations

  • each step in the dataprep is represented by a vertical bar

  • typically a representation of a single conceptual operation that you want to apply to all the elements in your scene, or to a selection of the elements in your scene

  • you set up a vertical bar by dragging a Select By item or Operation into the canvas.

  • You can then drag other Select By items and other Operations and drop them onto the same vertical bar to add them to the step

  • Evaluation of each step goes from top to bottom. Example

  • For all Select By blocks, you can also invert the selection!

Using a Dataprep Asset in Another Project

  • Use the Asset Migration tools - right-click Dataprep Asset in Content Browser and migrate to another project

[R] ADD End Result

The End Result should show the user what they should have created a the end of the activity.

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