Import Content - How To's

Learn how to import content to your UE4 project.


Developers can import meshes, textures, and other assets into their Unreal Engine 4 (UE4) projects in many ways. These pages explain common methods of importing content into UE4; including, using the content browser's import function, dragging files from a hard disk into your content browser, and saving files into the project directory from an external program.

Click on the image to get an idea of what the Content Browser looks like.

Reference the following pages to learn more about importing content into your UE4 project.


How To Import Using the Import Button 4.8 How To Import Using Right-Click 4.8 How To Import Using Drag-and-Drop 4.8


How To Import Audio 4.8 How To Import Static Meshes 4.8 How To Import Skeletal Meshes 4.8 How To Import Textures 4.8


How To Import Animations 4.8 How To Import Static Mesh LODs 4.8 How To Import Skeletal Mesh LODs 4.8

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