1.3 - Importing Textures

Learn how to import images into your Unreal Engine 4 project.

  1. Navigating to the 'QuickStartContent' folder in the Editor, click the Content Browser's Import button to open a file dialog box.


  2. Locate and select the T_Rock_04_D and T_Rock_04_n Targa (TGA) image files.


  3. Click Open to begin importing the TGA image files to your project.

  4. A confirmation box appears in the lower right corner of the Unreal Editor.


  5. Click OK to accept the T_Rock_04_n.TGA normal map's settings.

  6. Click the Save All button to save your imported images.


  7. A Save Content dialog box appears.


  8. Click Save Selected to save your imported assets.

  9. Navigating to the 'QuickStartContent' folder, verify that UE4 created the corresponding .uasset files.


The Marketplace (accessible from the 'Epic Launcher') is a great place to find and share content.

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