4 - Applying Materials to Static Mesh Actors

Learn how to apply materials to static mesh actors in this section.


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The objective of this step is to apply our Material to the Static Mesh we imported. Specifically, you'll learn how to:

Setting an Actor's Default Material

This section will show you how to set a Static Mesh Actor's default material. The default material will be used whenever an Actor is placed in the level.

  1. Inside the Content Browser, double-click the asset you imported earlier in this guide.


    The Static Mesh Editor will load your asset for editing.


  2. Inside the Details panel under LOD0, left-click the material's drop-down menu.


  3. Select the 'Rock' Material you created earlier. The material should be available in the selection window.


    Your Preview Pane will update to reflect the newly applied material.


  4. Clicking the Save button first, close the Material Editor.

  5. Inside the Content Browser, drag-and-drop the newly textured Static Mesh Actor into your level.


    The specified Material will be used anytime you place this asset in the level.

Changing Material Used by an Actor

When we placed a Static Mesh object in our level, we created an instance of our object (an Actor ). For every instance of that Actor, we're able to specify its Material.

Here's how you change a Static Mesh Actor's Material.

  1. Select your Static Mesh Actor.


  2. Inside the Details panel, locate the Materials section and click the Materials dropdown menu.


  3. Inside the pop-up menu, select a different Material.


  4. Alternatively, drag-and-drop a new Material onto the Static Mesh Actor.


You've just applied materials to your Static Mesh Actors by:

  • Setting your Actor's Default Material

  • Changing Material used by your Actor

We've now reached the end of the Artist Quick Start Guide. By now, you should have the skills needed to:

Set-up a Project
Create Materials
Edit Materials
Apply Materials to a Static Mesh Actor

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