Blueprint Utilities (Blutilities)

The experimental Blutilities feature gives you more ways to use Blueprints to create your own tools and workflows in the Unreal Editor.



The Unreal Editor offers an experimental system for creating, managing, and using Blueprint utilities. When you enable this setting, you'll be able to design several new kinds of tools and workflows based on Blueprints that add new capabilities to the Editor. For example:

  • You can create Global Editor Utility Blueprint classes, then invoke their utility functions either from the Content Browser or from a customizable panel. For details, see Global Blutility Classes and the Blutility Shelf.

  • You can create Scripted Actions: Blueprint utility functions that you call from the right-click contextual menu on Assets or Actors. For details, see Scripted Actions.

  • You can create Editor Utility Widgets: UMG UI widgets that the Unreal Editor hosts inside dockable panels. For details, see Editor Utility Widgets.

Enabling Blutilities

To take advantage of any of the new features that Blutilities offer, you need to enable an experimental setting in your Editor Preferences.

  1. From the main menu, choose Edit > Editor Preferences.

  2. In the Editor Preferences window, find the General > Experimental category. Under Tools, check the option for Editor Utility Blueprints (Blutility).

Blutility How-Tos

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