Quick Select Menu

The Quick Select menu provides easy access to editor panels and windows in VR mode.

Prerequisite Topics

This page assumes you have prior knowledge of the following topics. Please read them before proceeding.

The Quick Select menu enables you to quickly adjust grid, rotation and snap settings as well as summon the Content Browser, Details panel, and more.


Using the Quick Select Menu

  1. Aim one of the controllers at the other controller to display the Quick Select menu.

  2. Aim the free controller at the options on the menu to highlight them.

  3. Squeeze the Trigger to select the highlighted option.

Quick Select Menu Options

As you can see in the image, the Quick Select menu is grouped into four menu options, namely Grid Snap, Interface, Tools, and Gizmo.

Grid Snap

In the Grid Snap options you can adjust the snap settings for the Translate, Rotation, and Scale menu options. By clicking on the value below the selection, you can cycle through its snap values.





This toggles grid snapping on or off when moving Actors. The snapping value is modified by aiming at the numerical box below, squeezing the trigger, and moving the controller.


This toggles grid snapping on or off when rotating Actors. The snapping value is modified by aiming at the numerical box below, squeezing the trigger, and moving the controller.


This toggles grid snapping on or off when scaling Actors. The snapping value is modified by aiming at the numerical box below, squeezing the trigger, and moving the controller.


In the Interface options you have quick access to the various editor windows and panels that are available in the Editor.





Opens the Details panel for viewing and modifying properties of the selected Actor(s).

Content Browser

Opens the Content Browser.


Opens the Modes panel, providing access to Actor placement tools, foliage editing, and mesh painting.

World Outliner

Opens the World Outliner, which displays a hierarchical list of all Actors in the world, enabling quick selection, visibility toggling, organization, and actions that an Actor needs to perform.

Asset Editor

Opens the Asset window, which acts as a container for any asset editors (Blueprint Editor, Material Editor, etc.) that may be open.


Opens the VR Mode Tutorial window, which provides access to a collection of instructional walkthroughs for common features that are found in the VR Editor.


Opens the World Settings panel, providing access to properties of the current Level.

Toggle All UI

This will open the available UI Interface windows available under the Interface section of this Quick Select Menu.


In the Tools options you can quickly take a screenshot, use a flashlight for your controller, or jump into Play in Editor (PIE) mode to try out your game.





Takes a screenshot of the current scene.


Adds a flashlight too, or removes the flashlight from, the controller that was used to click the button.


Starts your project from within the VR Editor so that you can test your gameplay quickly. You will begin gameplay from the player start location. To instantly go back to the VR Editor from your test session, press both triggers and a grip button on each motion controller.


In the Gizmo options you can quickly cycle through and change the behavior of your Translate, Rotation, and Scale gizmos.




Coordinate System

Sets the coordinate system to either World Space or Local Space that can be used when transforming Actors.

Transform Selector

This will cycle through the Universal Gizmo through the available transform modes (Translate, Rotate, and Scale). Only the manipulators for the selected mode are displayed.

Cycle Gizmo

When an Actor is selected in the viewport, this will cycle through the Translate, Rotate, and Scale gizmo.

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