Region Selection

This is an overview of the Region Selection tool.


The Region Selection tool selects regions of the Landscape using the current brush settings and the tool strength to be used to fit a Landscape gizmo to a specific area or to act as a mask for copying data to, or pasting data from, a gizmo.

Using the Region Selection Tool

In this example, the Region Selection tool has been used to paint an area of the Landscape using the default positive method, then switching to the negative mask method that enables you to paint areas that don't want to include, and finally showing the Use Region As Mask section that captures the entirety of a Landscape component that is painted rather than just areas within it.

Use the following controls to paint areas that can be used for selection by doing the following:



Left Mouse Button

Adds to the selected region.

Shift + Left Mouse Button

Removes from the selected region.

Without Selection

With Selection

In this example, an area has been painted for selection that can then be used for masking layers or with the Copy/Paste tool.

Tool Settings





Clear Region Selection

Clears the current selected region(s).

Tool Strength

Controls how much effect each brush stroke has.

Use Region as Mask

When checked, the region selection acts as a mask with the active area being comprised of the selected region.


Negative Mask

When checked, and when Use Region as Mask is also checked, the region selection acts as a mask, but the active area is comprised of the unselected region.


Select Skin

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