1. Working with the Landscape tools

Working with the Landscape tools.


Creating a Landscape inside of Unreal Engine 4 (UE4) can be done in a few simple steps. But before we dive into creating our first Landscape, let us first familiarize ourselves with some of the tools and keyboard inputs that are most commonly used to interact with the Landscape system.

Opening the Landscape Tool

Opening the Landscape Tool from the Modes panel

All of the tools that are used to interact with the Landscape system can be found under the Landscape icon that is located on the Modes Tool Bar. To enable the Landscape tools click on the icon that looks like mountains.

Manage, Sculpt, and Paint Mode

The Landscape tool has three modes, Manage, Sculpt, and Paint that are accessible by clicking on their icons at the top of the Landscape's toolbar window. Each mode will allow you to interact with the Landscape in a different manner. Here is a very quick rundown of what each mode allow you to do.

Landscape Tool Modes





Manage mode

Enables you to create new Landscapes, and to modify Landscape components. Manage mode is also where you work with Landscape Gizmos to copy, paste, import, and export parts of your Landscape. For more information about Manage mode, see Manage Mode .


Sculpt mode

Enables you to modify the shape of your Landscape, by selecting and using specific tools. For more information about Sculpt mode, see Sculpt Mode .


Paint mode

Enables you to modify the appearance of parts of your Landscape by painting textures on it, based on the layers defined in the Landscape's Material. For more information about Paint mode, see Paint Mode .

Interacting with the Landscape Tools

While each of the three modes for the Landscape tools allows you to interact with the Landscape in a completely different manner, the keyboard and mouse keys that you use to interact with them are very similar. Here is a rundown of some of the most common keys, key combinations, and mouse buttons that are used when trying to interact with the Landscape tool.

Common Controls



Will allow you to select Landscape components.

Left Mouse Button

Heightens or increases the heightmap or selected layer's weight. For example, in Sculpting mode, this will raise the Landscape heighmap. In Paint mode this will apply the selected material to the Landscape.

Shift + Left Mouse Button

Lowers or decreases the heightmap or selected layer's weight. For example, in Sculpting mode, this will lower the Landscape heightmap. In Paint mode, this will erase the selected material that was applied to a particular section of the Landscape.

Ctrl + Z

Undoes last action.

Ctrl + Y

Redoes last undone action.

Select Skin

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