Emitter Settings

This page contains reference information for the Emitter Settings group in a Niagara emitter.


Emitter Properties Item

By default, the Emitter Properties item is included in every created emitter, even if you create an empty one. The Emitter Properties item contains the following base parameters.




Local Space

This setting toggles whether the particles within this emitter are relative to this emitter or to the global space.


This setting toggles whether the random number generator (RNG) will globally be deterministic or non-deterministic. Any random calculation that is set to the Emitter defaults will inherit this setting. You can still set individual random numbers to be deterministic or non-deterministic. In this case, deterministic means that the RNG will return results for the same configuration of the emitter, as long as the delta time is not variable. Any changes to the emitter's individual scripts will adjust the results.

Random Seed

If the Determinism setting is enabled, this is an emitter-based seed for the deterministic random number generator.

Sim Target

This determines whether the simulation is performed on the CPU or the GPU.

Fixed Bounds

This setting determines whether the fixed bounds can be edited. If it is enabled, there are Minimum and Maximum X, Y, and Z settings that can be adjusted.

Interpolated Spawning

When this setting is enabled, this emitter will spawn using interpolated parameter values, and it will perform a partial update at spawn time. This has a significant additional cost for spawning, but it will produce much smoother spawning for high spawn rates, erratic frame rates, and fast moving emitters.

Requires Persistent

When this is enabled, all particles emitted will be assigned a persistent ID.


Minimum Detail Level

If the current Unreal Engine detail level is below this value, then this emitter is disabled.

Maximum Detail Level

If the current Unreal Engine detail level is above this value, then this emitter is disabled.

Asset Options

Is Template Asset

Enabling this setting identifies this emitter as a Template Asset.

Template Asset Description

If you identify this emitter as a Template Asset, you can click the dropdown arrow to find additional settings for Inline Text and Referenced Text.

Select Skin

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