System Settings

This page contains reference information for the System Settings group in a Niagara system.


The System Settings group contains User Parameters, and System Properties.

User Parameters

This section displays variables created in the User Namespace.

System Properties Item

By default, the System Properties item is included in every created system, even if you create an empty one. The System Properties item contains the following base parameters.




Dump Debug System Info

This checkbox indicates whether the debug information for the System is kept or deleted.

Dump Debug Emitter Info

This checkbox indicates whether the debug information for the Emitter is kept or deleted.


Parameter Collection Overrides

Fixed Bounds

This checkbox enables or disables fixed bounds. If enabled, you can set the minimum and maximum values for the fixed bounds.


Auto Deactivate

This checkbox enables or disables automatic deactivation of emitters in the system. If enabled, it will deactivate the system if all the emitters in the system are not spawning particles, regardless of particle lifetime settings.

Max Pool Size

This value is the maximum number of components of this system that are kept resident in the world component pool.


Warmup Time

This is the system warmup time in seconds. This value is used to calculate the Warmup Tick Count setting, if Warmup Tick Count is not set manually. It rounds down to the nearest multiple of the Warmup Tick Delta value.

Warmup Tick Count

This is the number of ticks to process for warmup. You can set this manually, or have it set by using the Warmup Time setting.

Warmup Tick Delta

This is the delta time to use for Warmup Ticks.

Asset Options

Is Template Asset

If this setting is enabled, it indicates that this system is a template that is exposed in the new System Wizard. Assets created from templates will not inherit from a parent Emitter, so these assets start without any inheritance connections.

Template Asset Description

This is the description displayed next to the System or Emitter in the new System Wizard.


Bake Out Rapid Iteration

This checkbox enables or disables baking rapid iteration parameters into a normal compile.

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