Learn to use this Early Access feature, but use caution when shipping with it.
This feature is Early Access.
Features available in Early Access give you the opportunity to learn how they work, plan your pipeline, and create test content. You should use caution when using these features in production, as we are still working to get to shipping-quality performance, stability, and platform support. We support backward compatibility for assets, and the APIs for these features are stable.

Enable the Niagara Plugin

Before you can begin to create visual effects using Niagara you will need to enable it via the Plugins menu. In the following How - to we go over what needs to be done in your UE4 project so that you can use Niagara.


  1. First we need to open the Plugins menu by going to Edit > Plugins.
  2. In the Plugins menu, locate the FX section and then under Niagara, and Niagara Extras, click to check the box for Enabled.
  3. Now press the Restart Now button to restart the Unreal Engine 4 (UE4) Editor with the Niagara plugin enabled.

End Result

Once the UE4 Editor has re-started, when you right - click in the Content Browser you will have a new FX section that will have all of the various items you can use with Niagara.