2. Grass Tool Actor Creation and Setup

How to create and setup the required Actors for the Grass Tool


In the following section we will be creating the required Actors and Materials the Grass Tool needs to function correctly. We will continue to work with the GT_00 level that was created in the last step.

  1. Create a Landscape Grass Type by right - click in the Content Browser and from the menu that is displayed go to Miscellaneous > Landscape Grass Type and then give it a name of Grass_00.

  2. Open up the Landscape Grass Type by double - clicking on it and once opened add a new item to the Grass Varieties array by pressing the Plus icon that is to the right of the Grass Varieties name.

  3. Inside of the Landscape Grass Type Actor look for the Grass Mesh section and then click on the input box that says None and input SM_FieldGrass_01 as the search term, then clicking on the SM_FieldGrass_01 to load it as the Grass Mesh.


  4. With the Static Mesh added we need to set the following properties to ensure that we are spawning enough grass mesh and that those meshes are randomly rotated and aligned to the Landscape terrain.

    Property Name


    The Why

    Grass Density


    Because we want this to look like grass we must spawn a lot of Static Meshes to make the Landscape appear like it is densely covered in grass.

    Use Grid


    To make the Static Meshes look more naturally placed this offset's their placement position.

    Random Rotation


    Giving the Static Meshes used for the plants and grasses a random rotation makes sure that the same side of the Static Mesh used is not seen all the time adding to the visual variety of the scene.

    Align to Surface


    This makes sure that the Static Mesh used conform to the surface of the Landscape terrain.

Select Skin

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