5. On Your Own

What to do next with the Grass Tool.


Now that you have seen the power that the Grass tool offers, try using the tools listed below in conjunction with what you have just learned to make a level that looks like the following image:


  • Use the Procedural Foliage Tool to make the Landscape look like it is densely covered in grass, flowers and bushes.

  • Define the look and feel of the Landscape terrain using the Landscape Sculpt tools to add things like hills, mountains and lakes.

  • Give the surface of the Landscape more visual variety and detail by creating a Landscape Material that has multiple Textures that can be painted on the Landscape terrain.

  • Adjust the Directional Light to make the level lighting resemble lighting that happens in the early morning or late afternoon.

  • Set up the level lighting to use a completely dynamic based lighting solution that will make use of dynamic shadows as well as Ray Traced Distance Field Soft Shadows .

  • Try using the Foliage System tools to remove or tweak the placement, rotation and scale of the Foliage meshes that are placed by the Procedural Foliage tool so that you can get the exact look you are going for.

  • Show off your creation to others by using a Camera in conjunction with Matinee to render out a video of your level for you to share with the world.

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