Creating Sprites


Sprites are created in the Content Browser, like other assets. They can be created from scratch as blank assets, generated from other existing assets, or created using imported data.

Blank Sprite Asset

To create a new blank Sprite asset:

  1. Click the New button in the Content Browser.

  2. Under Miscellaneous, select Sprite.


  3. Name the new Sprite asset.


  4. Double-click the new Sprite asset to open it in the Sprite Editor

  5. In the Details panel, you can assign a Texture to the Sprite asset using the Source Texture property.


Single Sprite from Texture

To create a sprite from an existing Texture asset:

  1. In the Content Browser, right-click on the Texture asset and choose Create Sprite.


  2. Name the new Sprite asset.


Series of Sprites from Sprite Sheet Texture

  1. In the Content browser, right-click on the sprite sheet Texture and choose Extract Sprites.


  2. Any Sprites in the image that are separated by transparency are automatically identified and created.


Select all of the new Sprite assets, Right-click on them, and choose Create Flipbooks to generate a Flipbook asset from the new Sprites.


Select Skin

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