Fracture Effects

Particles and sounds to play at the various levels of destruction

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Fracture Effects on a Destructible Actor allow content creators to set a specific sound (or sound cue) and a particle effect to fire off upon a chunk of the destructible breaking. These are set per depth layer, meaning the largest breaks can have a really potent effect and sound, with the smaller chunks getting less impressive sounds and effects.


This will spawn a particle system at each unique break event at a world position that averages the positions of the breaking chunks. So a single effect can be fired off many times on a strong destructible. However, if you turn support off, only one effect will fire, and will occur at an average location of all chunks in the Destructible Actor.

Remember, when adding a particle system to a Destructible Actor, make sure that particle system is a burst system with no (or very limited) looping, otherwise, you will end up with static particle effects in the area where the destructible broke.


This will fire off a sound or Sound Cue from the location of the breaking chunk. Again, as with the particle systems fired off on breaking, these are set per depth layer.

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