Destructible Meshes

Creating and using Destructible Mesh in UE4.


This page covers how to create and use a Destructible Static Mesh Actor. n this example, you will create a Destructible Mesh from a Static Mesh, add the Destructible Mesh to the level as a Destructible Mesh Actor with physics enabled, and test the the level to see the Destructible Mesh Actor fall to the ground and fracture into smaller pieces.

For this tutorial we are using the Blueprint First Person template with Starter Content enabled.

  1. Inside of the Content Browser go to the Geometry > Meshes folder and select the 1M_Cube Static Mesh.


  2. With the 1M_Cube selected, Right-click on the 1M_Cube and select the Create Destructible Mesh option to create a Destructible Mesh asset from the Static Mesh and open it in the Destructible Mesh Editor..


  3. Inside of the Destructible Mesh Editor locate the the Fracture Settings tab and under the Voronoi section change the Cell Site Count from 25 to 50 to give us more destruction peices and then set the Random Seed to 240 to give some varation.


  4. Press the Fracture Mesh button to see how the mesh will look when it has been fractured.


    You can use the Explode Amount slider to move the fractured pieces apart from one another making it easier to see what is going on.

  5. Inside the Meshes folder create two new Materials named MAT_Inside and MAT_Outside.


  6. Double click on the Mat_Outside Material to open it and add the following two Material Expression nodes to the Material Graph, Constant 3 Vector expression node and a Constant expression node.


  7. Connect the Constant 3 Vector into the Base Color input and set its color to be Red then plug the Constant into the Roughness input and set it's value to .25 then press the Apply and Save buttons to compile and save your work.


  8. Double Click on the MAT_Inside Material to open it up and add a Constant 3 Vector and a Constant expression nodes connecting them exactly like the Mat_Outside Material. However this time set the Base Color to Green and set the Roughness to 0.5.


    When applied to a Destructible Mesh, Materials must have the Used with Skeletal Mesh flag enabled under Usage in the Material's properties. If you forget to enable this flag UE4 will enable it for you automatically and re-compile the Material when you put this Material on a Destructible Mesh.


  9. Double Click on the 1M_Cube_DM Destructible Mesh in the Content Browser to open it up and then locate the Destructible Settings > Skeletal Mesh settings then apply the MAT_Inside and MAT_Outside Materials.


  10. Expand the Damage section then enable Enable Impact Damage by clicking on the checkmark box.


  11. Add the Destructible Mesh to the level by dragging it from the Content Browser into the level.


  12. Select the newly placed Destructible Mesh Actor and in the Details panel under Physics, enable Simulate Physics to cause the Actor to be driven by the physics simulation when the game is played.


  13. Press the Play button in the toolbar to test the level. The Destructible Mesh Actor falls to the ground and fractures into smaller pieces.

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