World Support, Support Layer, and Forming Extended Structures



Destructible Actors in Unreal Engine 4 will shatter completely with the first amount of damage able to cause a fracture, unless some measure of support is defined. Support will make Destructibles behave more like real objects.


These are the primary settings to examine for support.

Support Layer

This is the base level of support, and it is just a single value on the Destructible that points to a layer level. This layer will then act as support for the rest of the object, making it so the pieces that have not taken damage stick together.

Think of a slab of concrete hitting the ground on one of its corners, without support, it just shatters:


But with a support layer set to a layer other than 0, this happens:


For APEX PhysX Lab imported objects, it is possible to have more than 2 depth layers, making it so you can set a mid layer as support making everything "above" it stick together, but everything "below" it just fall apart.

World Support

World Support allows a destructible to "attach" itself to a Static Mesh in the world. The destructible just needs to be really close to the Static Object you want to support it. To be safe, you can just have the destructible penetrate the Static Object, but too much penetration does open the asset up to having chunks rapidly expel themselves from the Static Mesh if they are ever dealt enough damage to break off.


Forming Extended Structures

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