Creating a New Physics Asset

This how-to covers the procedures for creating a new Physics Asset.

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There are two ways to create a new Physics Asset: on import or by using the context menu in the Content Browser. Below are the steps and interfaces for both methods.


When a Skeletal Mesh is imported, there is an option to generate a Physics Asset for it as it is imported. Once the imported file is processed, you will be presented with the "New Asset" dialog:


However, you can follow these steps if you need to create a Physics Asset for a Skeletal Mesh at a later time:

  1. Find the Skeletal Mesh asset you wish to add a Physics Asset to in the Content Browser.

  2. Right-click on the Skeletal Mesh in the Content Browser to bring up the Context Menu -> Create -> Create Physics Asset.

  3. Adjust setting to your liking.


  4. Click 'Ok'.


Upon creating a Physics Asset you will find it in the same folder as the Skeletal Mesh it is based on.

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