3 - Create a New Level

In this step we will create a brand new level which we will use to build out our sample area in.


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Next we will create a new Level that we will use to build our game environment in. While there are several different ways in which you can create a new Level, we will use the File Menu method which we will present us with level selection options.


  1. Inside the Unreal Editor, click the File Menu option then select New Level....



    This will open the New Level dialog window:



    Above the Default level includes some of the commonly used assets for constructing levels, there is also a VR-Basic level which includes some assets for constructing levels with the VR Editor and Empty Level is a completely blank level with no assets. For the purposes of this guide we are going to start from scratch with a completely blank slate.

  2. Click the Empty Level to select it.

End Result

The level will be created and ready to populate with visual and gameplay related assets to construct our playable environment.


In the next step, we will begin adding assets and building out our environment.

Select Skin

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