5 - Editing Placed Actors

This this step we will take the Actors we placed and edit their properties to give our level a more customized look.


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With several different Actors placed inside our level, the next step involves Editing Actor Properites which can change the look or the way the Actor functions in the level, giving us a more customized looking level. We will start with editing the properties of our Directional Light Actor then shift our focus to applying Materials to some of the Static Mesh Actors that you have placed in your level.

Once you have finished this step, you will have seen where to access and modify the properties of Actors so that you can begin editing and experimenting with different settings inside your own levels.


  1. Select the Directional Light Actor by Left-clicking on it in the Viewport.


  2. In the Details Panel under the Light category, enable Atmosphere Sun Light:


    Depending on the rotation of your Directional Light Actor the sky color will change and if you rotate the Viewport around you will see that the sun now aligns with the Directional Light Actor. This is a real time process so you can rotate the Directional Light Actor (press E to switch to Rotation Mode) and the sky will change color from night, sunrise, day time, and sunset.

Next we will change the Material on one of your placed Static Mesh Actors by first selecting it.

  1. With your Actor selected, in the Details panel under Materials, click the drop-down box under Element 0.


  2. In the pop-up window, select the M_Brick_Clay_New Material.


  3. All Actors in your level have many properties for you to adjust inside the Details panel. Explore changing their settings!


    Try changing the Light Color of your lights, applying more Materials or changing the Scale of the Actors in your level.

End Result

You have seen how to apply Materials to Static Mesh Actors in your level as well as how to access the Properties of an Actor. After experimenting with the various properties, your sample level should start to resemble the image above and look more complete. Feel free to continue changing the various properties of each Actor in your level.

When you are ready, proceed to the next step where we will run through the Build process which will update the settings in our level.

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