7 - On Your Own!

Using the methods provided during this guide, polish up your level with additional content and read up on related topics.


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Using the methods that were provided during the course of this guide, try do to the following on your own:


  • Change the lighting of the level to a moonlit, night scene.

  • Add another room, attached to the first room.

update2.png update4.png

  • On the attached room, try to make it elevated and join them with stairs.

  • Add some bushes, a couch, shelves and a front door.


  • Add different kinds of lights with different colors.

  • Use different Materials on some of your Actors.

For more information on the topics covered in this quick start guide, and across the entire editor, see the Unreal Editor Manual .

As for specifics covered in this quick start:

Select Skin

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