5 - On Your Own!

This step offers some additional things to try with your sample scene and links to more documentation.


Course:lighting-essential-concepts-and-effects|Lighting Essential Concepts and Effects|https://cdn2.unrealengine.com/Unreal+Engine%2Fonlinelearning-courses%2Flighting-essential-concepts-and-effects%2FLightingEssentials_Topic_1920x1080-1920x1080-3e04dcaf168d9a530720df1573b417807ae00784.png?resize=1&w=1400|https://cdn2.unrealengine.com/Unreal+Engine%2Fonlinelearning-courses%2Flighting-essential-concepts-and-effects%2FLighting-Essential-Concepts-and-Effects-1000x1000-14831d7f280345717b0bdd66be9422b40ffb91bd.png?resize=1&w=300 Course:introducing-global-illumination|Introducing Global Illumination|https://cdn2.unrealengine.com/Unreal+Engine%2Fonlinelearning-courses%2Fintroducing-global-illumination%2F105_GlobalIllum%281200x675%29-1200x675-97270dbdc7595455b4c9acf0e83bf01da8efbfd4.png?resize=1&w=1400|https://cdn2.unrealengine.com/Unreal+Engine%2Fonlinelearning-courses%2Fintroducing-global-illumination%2FIntroducing-Global-Illumination-1000x1000-af5267ea2a6721b1cc73af7825d226aedbbaf5ce.png?resize=1&w=300

Now that you have created a sample Shadow Physics Asset for Capsule Shadowing, you can try some of the following on your own:

  • Try using different lighting angles, or time-of-day scenarios, for mid-day, dusk, or evening.

  • Adjust the Light Source Angle of your Directional Light to soften your Capsule Shadow in areas that are directly lit so that your character blends in with surrounding shadows.

  • Add some closed off areas with doorways and windows (or something similar) to a cave opening, to get contrasting light that gives directionality for the light source when Capsule Indirect Shadow is enabled.

  • Use the setting for Capsule Indirect Shadow Min Visibility in your Character's Details panel to blend the soft shadow's intensity with your environment.

  • Add some additional capsule bodies for the arms of your character for shadowing when it's near wall surfaces, like with a cover system, or if your character goes prone.

For more information on topics covered in this Quick Start guide, see the Unreal Enditor Manual .

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